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A Dark Inheritance

(Hollow Fate Book One)

A young man, torn from his home, must defeat a blood mage’s unbreakable bond… 

Ruben wakes to his village burning. Raiders corralling his friends and neighbours into the town square. Their leader, a man with red eyes and the power to move things with his mind, takes only the young.

And leaves the rest to die.

Bound by blood magic and hauled across the sea to the Albion Dominion, where the God King reigns, Ruben tries to resist his master’s will. He discovers the reason his village was attacked, the reason he was taken…

Ruben is a mage, and he has a power of his own. The ability to create fire in the palm of his hand.

As he strives to escape the God King’s clutches and get back to his family, a mysterious woman with magic of her own helps him understand his power, but his desire to become stronger takes him to dark places, driving him to do even darker things.

If he can gain his freedom, will he be able to return to the life he once knew, after what he’s become?

A Dark Inheritance is the first book in the Hollow Fate series, an epic fantasy by author Todd Herzman.

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