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Evil stalks the streets of Hirlcrest.
A mage walks free among the empire.
And a young woman is determined to prove herself…

​Lilah is a seeker in training. All her life she has dreamt of being a part of the sacred order of warriors with only one goal: seek out magic—evil—and destroy it.

Her dream is on the verge of becoming a reality. A seeker is retiring, and the next of the order is to be chosen.


Meanwhile, a murder has been committed in the city, a murder that could have only been done with magic.


Lilah and the other recruits are tasked with finding the perpetrator, and the test of who is to become the next seeker turns deadlier than she could have ever imagined.

The Seeker and the Sword is a prequel novella set in the world of the Hollow Fate series, several years before the first book, A Dark Inheritance, begins.

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Torn apart by a raid on their village, three siblings must find their way back to each other.
But a dark force stands in their way—one they can't fight alone.

Ruben is a prisoner. His captor, a blood mage, commands loyalty with an unbreakable bond.

As Ruben tries to resist the blood mage’s pull, he realises he has a power of his own. His desire to become stronger takes him to dark places, driving him to do even darker things. If he can gain his freedom, will he be able to return to the life he once knew, after all he has done?

When Ella’s brother Ruben is kidnapped, she vows to rescue him. But she has never left her village, never swung a sword.

On her journey, Ella finds a courage she never knew she had. And something else—a strength deep within. An Affinity for magic she yearns to understand. While her newfound power buoys her confidence, the discovery of who holds her brother captive makes her wonder if it will be enough.

Marius, his brother and sister gone, doesn’t know what to do with himself. Until a Tahali monk, a man who can move things with his mind and heal with a touch, comes to town.


The monk discovers Marius’s powers—powers Marius never knew he had—and offers him the chance to become an apprentice. But the road to the Tahali mountains is no longer safe, and a dark evil hounds them on their way.


A Dark Inheritance is the first book in the Hollow Fate series, an epic fantasy by author Todd Herzman.


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